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Creelers Hot-Smoked Scottish Smoked Salmon

Creelers Hot-Smoked Scottish Smoked Salmon

TOP 50 FOODS: 3 Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2015

We were delighted to be awarded 3 stars for our Hot Smoked Salmon in The Guild of Fine Foods' Great Taste Awards 2015

Slightly smaller salmon are carefully filleted before having their pin bones removed and placed into a solution of salt water for an hour or so, then placed on trays to drip dry before being put into the smokers. The smokehouse then cold smokes them for approximately 7 hours before increasing the temperature of the smoke, slowly roasting the salmon in an oven full of whisky smoke. Unlike many other smokehouses we lightly cook the fish so that the moisture and flavour is trapped within. We supply the hot smoke also known as roasted salmon or bradan rost (gaelic) in either whole or half sides (440-500grams). In 2014 Creelers Cold Smoked Salmon was awarded two stars by the Guild of Fine Foods Awards.

Unopened vacuum packed hot smoke will keep for 10 days in a refrigerator and should be consumed before the date indicated ALL CREELERS SMOKED PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE FOR HOME FREEZING (3 MONTHS)

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